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Technical Composites currently relies on the following technology:I+D Department:Potent hardware and software capable of transforming any idea into a complex 3D surface, performing calculations on structural resistance, materials...Models, Moulding and Tools:Thanks to the broad experience of the human team, together with the use of the latest technologies, Technical Composite is able to manufacture models and moulds through any manufacture method, from the long-gone, complex and highly valued craftsman’s method up to 3D printer and CNC-CAM mechanization.Production:Technical Composites manufacture parts in carbon, carbon/kevlar and glassfiber pre-preg, using the most modern method: Autoclave. Technical Composites relies on a 0.8 m diameter per 1.9 m long Autoclave, 150C max and 7 bar pressure.Currently, Technical Composites is developing two work lines, Own Product and Special projects for Customers.Our Product:Parts and kits are designed and manufactured in close collaboration with competition teams in the racing world.Special projects for Customers:These projects are developed and manufactured exclusively for customers. They may range from the full development of a motorcycle to the manufacture of any parts required for an already existing one. The customer shall be responsible for the commercialization of the products resulting from the projects previously mentioned.





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